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#1 Amazon Bestseller

Nervous about becoming a mom or already overwhelmed by your new mom status? Don’t despair! Having a baby does not need to be the end of your life as you know it.


Instead of focusing on your baby as most “mom books” do, No Drama First-Time Mama – A Practical Guide to Living Your Best Life as a New Mother explains how you can flourish (not just survive) during this transformational time. By focusing on your personal well-being, ignoring the endless and conflicting list of do’s and don’ts, and embracing a positive, flexible mindset, you can be best mom and the best version of yourself.


Emily Lammers shares her no-nonsense approach to everything from postpartum recovery to breastfeeding to childcare, along with various tips and tricks she learned in her first year as a mom. Her outlook provides a refreshing contrast to the anxiety-inducing, all-consuming experience that life with a baby is so frequently made out to be.


Having your first baby is an experience unlike any other and will be gone in a flash (even if sometimes the hours sometimes seem like days). With No Drama First-Time Mama by your side, you’ll be sure to navigate the changes with confidence and make the most of the adventure.

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