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A Few Things to Know

It seems rather hifalutin to post a professional bio on this site. As an alternative, here is a good old-fashioned list of random facts that might help you get to know me.


  • I hail from Bozeman, Montana and I unapologetically think it is the best place in the world (even when it’s still snowing in June).

  • Despite loving wide open spaces, I have spent the entirety of my adult life in New York City and San Francisco. It’s been fun, but I hope to escape someday.

  • I attended Princeton University for undergrad and UC Berkeley for grad school. Go Tigers and Bears! My husband went to grad school at Columbia so thankfully we also have Lions represented (oh my!)

  • I didn’t like Chardonnay until after I became a mom.

  • My family has a dinosaur named after us - Avaceratops lammersi. It is not very fierce but it has a cool frill.

  • I started my career in finance not long before the Global Financial Crisis and was at an investor event at Bear Stearns the Friday before it went under, errr, was “sold” to JP Morgan.

  • After that inauspicious start, I had brief stints in politics, tech, and healthcare before coming back to finance. The grass is not always greener, although it’s useful to see what else is out there.

  • I used to take myself pretty seriously but I don’t anymore.

  • I had extremely limited interest in having kids for the longest time, but now that I have one I’m obsessed with being a parent.

  • I have run all the Marathon Majors in the US: New York (3x’s), Boston, and Chicago. My marathoning career is now either temporarily or indefinitely on hold.

  • My theme song for life is Van Halen’s 1992 hit “Right Now.” The piano, the drama, the inspirational lyrics…it never fails to pump me up.

  • I have always been a writer. I love thinking through how to communicate ideas or information in a clear and compelling way.

  • As much as I whine about how annoying it is to be an adult, I finding it to be a fulfilling journey and I think I’m getting happier the older I get.

Should you still be curious about my strictly professional experiences, you're more than welcome to hit up my LinkedIn profile

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